General Warranty and Service Policy


Our Service Policy

In some shower glass applications, as the walls flex from the weight of the heavy glass, slight adjustments may be needed for optimum functionality. If necessary, The Glass Guys LLC can respond within 48 hours.


3 Year Warranty for Labor

In the event that there is any movement in the glass your warranty will cover any adjustments needed in hinge or panel alignment.


3 Year Warranty on Caulking/Silicone Sealant

As all silicones required for use with glazing applications, flexibility is required, Our silicone application is warranted to stay flexible for at least 3 years. Also, mildew resistant silicone does not prevent mildew growth but will reduce and resist growth. In addition, the silicone will carry a 3 year warranty against leaking.


3 Year Warranty on Hardware

The Glass Guys, LLC offers a 3 year warranty on all Hardware.


3 Year Warranty on Glass

The Glass Guys, LLC offers a 3 year warranty on optical clarity of all Glass to the original owner of the product. In most cases, clean water and a high quality squeegee is all that is needed to keep your shower glass clean and optically clear. Warranty is contingent upon squeegeeing the glass every time it gets wet. Cleaning without harsh Chemicals: Microfiber towels rarely require chemical products to aid the cleaning process.

When you invest in a glass shower from The Glass Guys LLC, you’re getting high-performing, long0lasting product expertly constructed of the best materials avaialble, and we’re proud to back that up with a warranty on all glass shower doors sold and installed by The Glass Guys, LLC.


Here’s What we Offer:

The Glass Guys, LLC, guarantees all of its sales and installations, and will repair or replace any faulty glass or hardware. The Glass Guys, LLC will provide all labor and materials necessary to fix faulty glass and/or hardware installed for up to three (3) years from the date of installation.

The Glass Guys, LLC will provide service for silicone, leaking, squeaking, and sagging to its work for three years from the date of installation.

Polycarbonate sweeps, wipes, and doorstops are covered for a period of two years from the time of installation. Keep in mind that replacement of these materials is considered routine maintenance of the glass shower door and may need to be done periodically; therefore it is considered the owner’s responsibility. These parts are installed with longevity and performance in mind, replacement is not common, but also not unusual.


Here are our Terms and Conditions:

The Glass Guys, LCC is not liable for glass breakage, damage, or failure due to misuse, or to acts of nature including fire, flood, or earthquake.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by or through faulty design of your residence or
business, careless handling, alteration, misuse, or misapplication.

Use of harsh, abnormal, or abrasive chemical cleaning products will void the warranty; please
follow the guidelines provided at installation for proper maintenance of your product.

Discoloration or stains due to improper water chemistry.


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