If you’re thinking of updating your kitchen, consider adding a beautiful, versatile glass backsplash behind the stove, over the sink, or anywhere else that needs a little extra protection.

Glass kitchen backsplashes will not stain and are resistant to bacteria and mold. Unlike painted wooden backsplashes, they are a solution that will never need to be replaced, unlike painted wooden backsplashes. Those require maintenance like repainting every few years, Formica that separates with repeated exposure to humidity and moisture, and stone that needs to be sealed. Glass does not require finishing treatments, like sealants or coatings. It is a durable, attractive way to update your kitchen. They will add value to your home and beauty to your room.

Glass Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Another popular option is a solid glass kitchen backsplash. Exceptionally easy to clean, a solid glass backsplash eliminates the need for placing smaller tiles, and the overall appearance of the backsplash will be a sleek and unbroken surface that maximizes light and gives the room the impression of extra space.

Solid backsplashes can be clear or have a coat of special paint applied to the back of the glass. There are no grout lines or joints to seal when installing a solid sheet of glass, meaning it will be more durable over time than tiles.

Solid Glass Kitchen Backsplash

Whether you’re creating a kitchen in a newly built home, renovating your entire kitchen, or just looking for an affordable way to give your kitchen a facelift, we provide glass backsplashes for any need. See the difference glass can make to your kitchen. Contact us now!

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