Looking for a way to add light and open up enclosed areas in your home or office? Mirrors provide excellent light enhancement and can give the appearance of open, airy space in even the most cramped rooms.

Additional Security in Retail Spaces

Mirrors that line the walls of retail stores are not just for decor. Mirrors provide an extra level of security in these spaces. They are a theft deterrent: making it easier to spot suspicious activity and stop potential theft in its tracks.

Hide a Wall’s Imperfections

If you have unsightly imperfect walls in your home or office, adding a mirror is an attractive and affordable option for hiding them. A customized mirror hides imperfections while adding a touch of elegance and beauty to your space, usually for less than the cost of tearing out and replacing drywall.

Maximize Lighting

By reflecting light back into a room, mirrors are a great way to maximize natural light from windows and artificial light from overhead lights and lamps. The skillful arrangement of mirrors can reflect incredible amounts of light into the darkest corners of your spaces.

Add “Space” to Small Rooms

The Glass Guys can arrange mirrors to create an illusion of space, making narrow hallways or small rooms seem much larger, open, and airy. We’ve been “maximizing” space throughout Maryland and the DMV for decades. See what mirrors can do for your living areas or office space.

The Glass Guys Install Mirrors in Maryland

No matter the space, project, or goal of adding mirrors to your commercial or residential property in Maryland, The Glass Guys have customized solutions designed for maximum impact.

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