Glass dividers are a staple in gyms. Whether in commercial spaces or basement gyms, glass provides a broader and better view of the facility. They also allow patrons to feel connected with each other and provide noise reduction. Glass physically separates workout areas and machines while keeping them wide-open and well-lit.

Less Noise. More Light.

Basement gyms feature glass dividers for the same reasons; dividing the space from common areas while reducing noise and taking advantage of natural light.

Reflect Your Progress

In addition to glass walls and dividers, gyms feature wall-length mirrors that create an illusion of a larger area and increase natural lighting. They also give individuals a way to check their forms and protect them from improper lifting techniques. Mirrors also help patrons to track their physical progress.

Brighten Your Space

Mirrors in a basement gym will give a clean, airy, and well-lit environment for exercising and are an excellent way for home workout enthusiasts to keep track of their progress from the comfort of their homes.

Safely Installed

Gym mirrors are installed with a safety backing. This is a critical step during the installation process because gym mirrors are typically placed close to machines and other heavy exercise equipment. If they break, they will remain in one piece on the wall rather than fall on the floor.

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